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*Also called "Rope yoga"
Your way back to a rejuvenated and vital body.
Lightweight, available, and sustainable.
Suitable for a home or professional use.

About the Gravity stretching

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For people dealing with joint and/or back pain, and functional limitations

  • Recovery after traumas, illnesses, and/or age-related structural changes.
  • Easing back and joint pain.
  • Ensuring fast and long-lasting results. Reducing hernias after 5-7 sessions without surgical intervention.
  • Securing stroke recovery and successful transitioning back to everyday life.
  • Correction of spinal deformities and body asymmetries.
  • Postural drainage of lungs and bronchus after complications caused by the VRIs, flue, whooping cough and even coronavirus.
  • Enabling the processes of self-healing.
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For people looking for physical activity to be less tensious and more pleasurable

  • Improving posture, straightening the spine.
  • Opening the pelvis, healing hip joints and organs of the lesser pelvic area.
  • Loosening tension and unblocking sexuality.
  • Developing the ability to listen and hear our own body.
  • Releasing psychosomatic pain blocks and strains.
  • Improving joint flexibility.
  • Achieving slenderer and rejuvenated body.

For a healthy family

  • Preventing and eliminating scoliosis and related spinal deformities in children and adults.
  • Preparative exercising during prenatal period. Postpartum recovery.
  • Healing back pain caused by lifting and carrying a baby.
  • Preventive measure or recovery after the VRIs, flue, and even coronavirus.
  • Relieving stress, depression, and insomnia.
  • Rejuvenation at any age and health conditions.
  • Fun times for all generations while exercising together.

For dancers, athletes, mountain climbers, yogis, and mediators 

  • Quick and gentle stretching, improving flexibility.
  • Preparation for lotus pose, and splits.
  • In depth work with energy channels.
  • Activation of energy channels (chakras) through releasing blocks and strains in particular areas.
  • Establishing a meditative connection with one’s body, discovering parapsychic abilities.
  • Valuable, beneficial tool for fitness instructors, yoga teachers, masseurs, manual therapists, and health practitioners.


Gentle yet thorough body workout
Aqua stretching session is included in our Complex program package. We offer our clients the opportunity to try the supervised rope exercises in the pool. Aqua gravity practices are irreplaceable when treating compensatory deformities as these exercise target all the posture issues simultaneously.

Regardless the number of hernias or deformities – all you need is just one restorative course. Aqua gravity is so powerful we decided to dedicate a whole page for that practice.


of Gravity stretching:
гравити пратика
All exercises are performed during relaxation instead of tension. Gravity does most of the work taking the load off the muscles. When the body is suspended, compression stops pressing and destroying the muscle tissue.
Method developed by Andrey Molodtsov consists of six levels building up from the easiest to the most advanced one. It lets you choose the most appropriate one altering it to your specific physical condition.
This practice is accessible for anyone regardless of age, health conditions or other indications due to its systemic approach.
We have it all – from the Family course to the Advanced practices.
Problem solving
Exercises kick off the processes of rejuvenation and self-healing in our bodies. For more information about the practices developed for specific health issues, please visit the section of Gravity therapy.
гравити пратика

How gravity works?

Simply put - gravity is the invisible force that pulls us creating the compression. As we age, it might lead to numerous destructive processes and painful sensations. When we put ourselves in suspended position, the gravity naturally heals the body by stretching it while being in reversed condition.

While standing, sitting, or walking:

Back pain

Spine deformities, disc protrusions and hernias may occur. Our intervertebral discs bulge and become distorted, pressing against the surrounding nerves. Vertebras and joints are rubbing against each other under the pressure of body weight causing extrusion. Degenerative changes may result in extra pressure in pelvic area and overall deformities of different severity level.

Respiratory and digestive issues

As we age, muscles loosen and we can experience the so called “dropping” of internal organs, causing the lower belly to bulge.
Gravity also worsens the existing infections in our respiratory organs resulting in bronchitis and similar inflammations.
Rounded upper back tightens our chest muscles affecting respiratory and cardiac functions.

Blood circulatory and lymphatic system

All fluids in our body are also pulled down by the force of gravity causing lymphatic blockages, fluctuating blood pressure, varicose, facial swelling, swollen legs, saggy skin etc.
Веревочная йога

Benefits of Gravity practices:

Good posture

Our body becomes free from experiencing any compression. The spine gets straightened and stretched.
The space between the vertebras increases, letting the fluid refill the joints restoring amortisation function of the intervertebral disks. Tension in the spine and joins releases, improving the overall mobility and rejuvenation.

Internal organs

As the backbone stretches out of the pelvic area, it liberates extra space for the internal organs, hence improving their functionality and tightening the belly.

Opening the chest area enhances deeper inhale and exhale, improves cardio performance, drains our lungs and bronchi from mucus. .


The backflow of blood and lymphatic cleanses and activates the entire system. The skin tightens, swollen areas dissolve. Rejuvenation processes within the whole body and the face are activated.


of Gravity stretching

As we let the body hanging down without an extra support, the tension releases and our body stretches.

Zero compression allows to open the space between the joints and increases the intervertebral space, releasing the blockages and strains. Performing twisting exercises, we help the liquids fill back the spaces between the joints. We call it lubrication process, and it also activates and improves the blood flow.

By stretching the entire body, we activate the fascia, which initiates a holistic process of self-healing for the entire body. During the exercises, we use the force of gravity from different angles, addressing different areas of the body.

In my method, I focus on the healthy part of the body rather than on the problem areas. I believe the healthy part will help to heal whatever needs to be healed. We do not cure illnesses, instead we try to expand and fuel our possibilities, that is, health.

6 levels: from easy to the advanced one

Complex effect on the entire body:
muscles, ligaments, fascia, bones and joints, internal organs, respiratory system, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems

About the author

Andriy Molodtsov
Born in 1958, in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
State champion, participant of numerous mountaineering and rock-climbing competitions, instructor, and professional rescuer. 40+ years of coaching, health, and spiritual practices.
In 2014, while recovering from sport injuries, Andrey created his own healing method “Rope Yoga” or “Gravity Stretching”. Moved to the island of Bali in 2015 and has been living and working there ever since. Andrey has grown a huge circle of students, thousands of grateful practitioners from all over the world.
Happily married. Four grown- up kids, two grandkids.

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Gravity stretching Courses

You can master the Gravity stretching on your own using our video tutorials.
If necessary, sign up for an individual session with Andrey.
We recommend everyone start with the "Basic Course" to guarantee the best level of safety, efficiency, and joy from the practices.
* All videos in the courses are in Russian with English subtitles.
Basic course
Start your rope journey by mastering the Basic course of Gravity stretching! It is suitable for everyone. No doubt, it will satisfy the expectations of the beginner as well as of the advanced yogi.
Find out more
Advanced course
If you have accomplished the Basic course, you might look further to deepen your knowledge and take the Advanced one. Demanding course for demanding and skilful practitioners. For high accomplishments and deep contemplations.
Find out more
Gravity therapy 
What if you experience any health issues? Looking forward to restoring the functionality? Want to help yourself and your loved ones?
Gravity therapy is beneficial for personal practice and as a tool for health professionals.
Find out more
Family course
Gravity stretching are amazing way to introduce healthy habits and to unify all family members. I will be telling about the specifics of working with kids, elderly people and expecting mothers in this course.
Find out more
Teacher training course
If you If you already managed to fall for Gravity stretching and you want to share the knowledge with others, Teacher training course is designed especially for you.
Regardless the age and your geographical location.
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Individual sessions
Receiving the knowledge directly from the Master is an incomparable opportunity and a great value. You do not have to come to Bali to sign up for the Individual session, We can lead the session online.
Find out more
Inverted postures. Level 5
Inverted postures are extremely beneficial and highly valued in most yoga practices. Nevertheless, headstand as one of the inverted postures requires a certain experience and mastery because it deals with a huge pressure on your cervical part of the spine. Gravity practices provides an opportunity to exercise inverted postures without any compression.
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You will need a set of equipment for a successful self practice at home or in your studio.

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